Regular Fellows

Regular Fellows

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Whole cluster pressed and cold settled in stainless steel. Stainless steel fermentation, followed by 9 months in neutral French oak barrels. 1/3 malolactic fermentation.


Deeply concentrated, completely exotic, Mediterranean by nature, inky and saturated but light on its feet, black licorice, anise, Christmas wreath, blackberry bramble, and wild sea air.


My grandfather’s career as a commercial artist took him south to the City of Angels and fueled what was already a quirky and steady campaign of San Rafael-bound flirtations to one Ellen Redding at 309 5th Avenue. He illustrated “A Fond Remembrance- of the night a bunch of Regular Fellows tendered me a dinner at the Fior de Italia prior to my departure for Los Angeles. San Francisco—Jan. 25—1926. “It won’t be long now!” was the time stamp on his promise to return and marry her at St. Mary’s Church in Nicasio, California. Which he did, on August 9th, 1928.